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An organic Fair Trade dairy free chocolate bar. Made from cocoa
beans from selected estates in North Venezuela. A strong dark spicy
61% chocolate enhanced by the addition of organic fruits & nuts.


Cocoa tree chocolate is fairly traded, organic & dairy free too - all this applies to the selection of distinctive chocolate bars made here in the UK by Cocoa Tree.

The Cocoa Tree Chocolate house was originally a fashionable drinking establishment in the 1650’s – a popular meeting place for wealthy society to indulge in the quality new drink chocolate.

Cocoa Tree is proud to operate a strong fair trade policy, a commitment that runs through the whole of their chocolate house. They believe that fair trade is the natural choice whenever small companies & families work together. Unlike most chocolate companies who buy their cocoa from one of the large multinational processors, they believe in working closely with the growers and their families so they get the rewards they deserve for all their hard work and the consumer gets to enjoy the flavour of some of the finest and rarest cocoa beans.

The chocolate is single estate grown and comes from Venezuela & also Guyana. This crop is grown under the shade of larger trees and normally represents part of a mixed crop for the cocoa farmers.

Cocoa Tree mould their chocolate into 125g bars and then drop fairly traded and organic dried and fruit nuts into the bar just before the chocolate sets.

A strong dark spicy 61% chocolate, the choices are fruit & nut, roasted almonds, crystallised ginger and chopped orange peel.