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Our gourmet chocolate truffles are our speciality, please view our exclusive collection.

Every one of our chocolates is selected to tempt the taste buds, some melt in the mouth, others are crunchy but all of them will appeal to the most discerning palate with their sumptuous taste.
Our chocolate truffles are filled with fresh cream, ganache, marzipan, nougat, praline with just a few fondant centres.

If you see a particular truffle or would like a particular selection included (or excluded) when ordering chocolate truffle boxes, please mention this in our special notes section and we will endeavour to fulfil
your requirements.

Cerise - Ganache (dark chocolate, cream & butter) mixed with chunks of cherries soaked in Kirsch liqueur covered in best quality dark chocolate.

Chocca Mocca - A truffle mixture of Amaretto & the cocoa bean liqueur Creme de Cacao creating a luxury chocolate treat dipped in milk chocolate.

Orange - Dark bitter chocolate ganache (chocolate, cream & butter) with orange oil enrobed in white chocolate and decorated with a segment of crystallised orange.

Cerisette - Plain chocolate cherry, real cherry soaked in cherry liqueur - complete with stalk & stone then dipped in chocolate & vermicelli strands. To eat - put it all in at once & find the stone.

Hazelnut Praline - Creamy hand made praline centre topped with a whole hazelnut dipped in milk chocolate with a white chocolate stripe.

Raspberry - Delicious raspberry creamy truffle centre, in a thick dark case, generously dipped in white chocolate with a red bow motif.

Marc de Champagne - champagne generously poured into the milk chocolate truffle which is then hand rolled into more milk chocolate.

Cocoa - the chocoholic's dream of pure creamy dark chocolate hand rolled in more bitter plain chocolate and sprinkled with milk chocolate.

Cognac - truffle made with milk chocolate brandy cream encased in white chocolate then dipped in milk chocolate.

Baileys - creamy Baileys is stirred into a soft milk chocolate truffle dipped into milk chocolate and finished in a thin coating of white chocolate.

Irish - Plain chocolate truffle with whisky & coffee rolled in milk chocolate powder.

Rum - the traditional rum truffle, laced with navy rum hand enrobed in dark chocolate, a real classic.

Caramel - smooth & soft honey caramel on a base of croquante (mix of crisp caramel & chopped nuts) dipped into dark chocolate. Topped with a crystallised flower.

Amaretto - plain chocolate truffle mixed with the Italian almond liqueur Amaretto finished off by twirling the truffle in roasted chopped almonds.

Strawberry - a light fluffy pink strawberry cream in dark chocolate decorated with a sprinkle of pink coconut.

Whisky - completely milk chocolate truffles mixed with whisky rolled in more milk chocolate.

Marzipan - Love it or hate it? A fantastic chocolate,  giandjua (a paste of chocolate cream and finely ground nuts) on a croquante layer, then a square of marzipan dipped in milk chocolate.

Waffle - milk chocolate sandwiched together with a creamy filled of gianduja then sprinkled with caramelised nuts. Gianduja is a mixture of milk chocolate and very finely chopped hazelnuts.

Cointreau - all dark truffle mixed with the orange liqueur Cointreau and finally dipped into more dark chocolate.

Champagne - a milk chocolate champagne truffle encased in white chocolate.

Rose Cream - the partner of violet creams, soft rose water fondant dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with a crystallised rose petal.

Violet Cream - quintessentially English and devised by the Victorians. A soft fondant cream mixed with violet water and dipped in dark chocolate topped with crystallised violet petals.

Chocolate truffles and gourmet chocolate truffle gift boxes are available online from Chocolate Gourmet. Our luxury range of white, dark and milk chocolate truffles make ideal gifts, buy and send chocolate by post at Chocolate Gourmet.

Truffles were an invention of only about 100 years ago and were so called because when dusted in chocolate powder they resembled the precious earthy fungus hunted in the woods of Europe for centuries.

All our chocolate truffles are sourced from the most expert chocolatiers. A wide choice of flavours, each different from one another, some milk chocolate, some good quality dark chocolate and also white chocolate truffles make up the selection, plus of course a smattering of chocolate pralines.

The essence of a gourmet chocolate truffle begins with a perfect chocolate ganache. Chocolate ganache is made by mixing pure chocolate with cream to give a heavenly soft smooth chocolate texture and an intense chocolate taste. The skill in making chocolate truffles is the ability to balance the other flavours such as cognac, champagne, cointreau, kirsch, nuts and fruits with the pure chocolate. Creating a chocolate truffle that is not overpoweringly sweet; whose flavour is recognisable with a delicious balance of chocolate to dance on the palette is the chocolatiers talent. Rolling, dipping or dusting in more chocolate creating a tempting chocolate treat finally completes a chocolate truffle.

Pralines are made with the addition of finely chopped nuts (usually hazelnuts), to the chocolate ganache mixture.

Bite into a chocolate truffle and inside the delicate case you should find an explosion of taste to satisfy that chocolate craving.

At Chocolate Gourmet we have chosen for our website a selection of the top favourites from our retail shops. If you have a special request please give one of the shops a telephone call and we can discuss your particular requirements.